Master Closet Update, Part 1

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The very first project started and completed at Project Verde was the master closet.

Now, there was nothing terribly wrong with the closet to make it the first thing to get updated, but, it was more like the easiest in a whole string of updates. So, let’s take it from the beginning.

Coming from Project: Red, the Mr. and I were treated to a very nice, very organized built-in closet already there and ready for us when we move in. When Project: Verde became ours, we quickly realized we were missing out on that organization we had before. As we moved in, rods were quickly filled, bins of undergarments were left on shelves or in bins on the floor leaving a whole mess of fabrics.

When the time came to start our string of projects, we took a look at the closet.

Although, the first “project” would have been updating the floors, and I had initially planned on everything starting in the Green Room as our “test room”, I kept coming back to our disaster of a closet (and I will spare you a photo with it full . . . even I didn’t want a memory of that!)

So, just 10 days after moving in, we pulled out all our belongings, let them live in the bedroom with us, and cleared away our closet.

- 20200525105958 IMG 0268 1024x683 - Master Closet Update, Part 1

Step 1:

So, part of the first step was removing the shelves and rods so we would bump our heads. We were bummed to have so many screws striped, but since we knew these were going out we were too worries about saving any of them for the future.

I did discover, however, that when removing the shelves theselves, it was much easier, and far more clean, to use a utility knife to cut the shelf from the wall first. We did this to the last one after noticing the gypsum paper ripping up, and it made such a world of difference!

- Master closet before 2020 20200528203923 IMG 0282 - Master Closet Update, Part 1

Step 2:

Removing the base – this when it started to feel real. It’s one thing to take down a few shelves, but with the base boards coming up, it was no turning back!

The Mr. and I did research on the best way to remove these, and found that yes, scoring the top of the baseboards from the walls, and the sides from adjacent base and trim seriously helped in the removal process. We saw that there are actual base removal prybars, but, we used a normal one and it worked out just fine (we were just really careful not to dent the gypsum board).

- Master closet before 2020 20200528211722 IMG 0289 - Master Closet Update, Part 1

Step 3:

Carpet removal was just a gross as I imaged it: not totally, but still not my favorite part.

The 90s shag did make a bit of a challenge to figure out the best way to slice through it, but once we got a rhythm, this room was cleared in no time!

As amazing as this may sound, this portion of the project only took about 1-2 hours with both of us, and, in fact, we did this at night just before bed out of shear excitement to start on our projects!

Tools used:

itemImage  - dewalt disc orbital sanders dcw210d1 64 100 - Master Closet Update, Part 1 Drill (new purchase)
- stanley utility knives 10 099 64 400 compressed - Master Closet Update, Part 1 Utility knife (previously owned)
- 8b4647c0 9df5 4e68 a4c4 16f5a2c7f497 400 compressed - Master Closet Update, Part 1 Crowbar (borrowed)
IRWIN VISE-GRIP End Cutting Pliers  - 038548028217 - Master Closet Update, Part 1 End Cutting Pliers $15
2.25 in. Heavy Duty Hook Blade for Carpet Knives, Trimmers and Cutters (10-Pack)  - roberts knife blades 10 440 64 400 compressed - Master Closet Update, Part 1 Hook Blade for Carpet Knives $7
Total Cost $182

Want more?

If you are looking for a little more hands-on for how this process was, check out this video of some of the prep-work !

- iconfinder house bed 1378852 - Master Closet Update, Part 1
Master Suite