COVID-19 Quarantine, Designer Desk Diaries: Day 007

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Dear Journal, I have discovered that nature happens during work hours.

I have realized how lucky we have been with the weather! Since staying at home, I am able to get a prime window seat and open my windows to experience nature sounds (or children screaming) and lovely breezes (or gusts)!

So let’s discuss from a designer perspective:

Even in the office, I had a window. No matter where I worked, there was a window in some proximity to where I spent 8+ hours, 5 days a week. The difference I am finding, is now I can open my windows! It’s amazing how I now hear birds sing, geese honk, and in the case of the age of my neighbors, children hollering for fun.

Another aspect I have found amazing is the increase in the sensation of breezes. I hear the trees blow in the wind, I see the leaves sparkle, and now I can feel the air flow change where I work. In a way, it helps me perk up and get going on the next task.

Now, the thing I was not expecting, was the increase in aromas. Each morning, I open the window and am blown away by the scent of flowering citrus (luckily, I have no allergies, unlike the Mr.). My room feels lighter and each time I enter the room after stepping out for a break, it doesn’t feel stuffy.

This working with nature has made this experience really enjoyable, and has brought to light a few things I want to consider as a designer.