COVID-19 Quarantine, Designer Desk Diaries: Day 008

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Dear Journal,
I've solved the airplane to passenger ratio.

How to use our Airplanes during COVID-19

So, I had one of those thoughts the other day where I was thinking of all of the companies who are contributing to this situation, even though it’s not what they were intended for. For example, car manufactures using their manufacturing lines to make ventilators  – because who is going out to look for new cars these days? This sort of resilience is fantastic to see, and eye opening at what companies are looking to other ways they can progress.

I’ve been disappointed to hear the response from the airlines. Rather than seeing what they are hoping to do while the number of air travels decrease, they are hoping for a bailout (boo!). So I got to thinking about what we could use those planes for as they sit and wait (and having a dad in avionics helped):

What if, we used all of the parked air-carriers as another option for mini/ mobile care centers?

Think about it:

  • If you unbolt the seating, you could fit a few stretchers in there

  • Air is only recirculated in high altitudes, on the ground it brings in fresh air

  • You could use the planes as the “isolation” or “critical care” areas

  • Terminals could be used as lower acuity zones (with the planes branched off)

  • After a plane has cared for it’s patients, it could be traded with another and go through a cleaning process (like hydrogen peroxide aerosol) and ready for the next round.